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Scrap/Book2008. 11. 2. 02:44
"Seventeen years is a long time," said Ashenden, because he could think of nothing else to say.
"Time passes very quickly. I like it here. At first, after a year or two, I went away in the summer, but I don't any more. It's my home now. I've got a brother and two sisters; but they're married and now they've got families; they don't want me. When you've been here a few years and you go back to ordinary life, you feel a bit out of it, you know. Your pals have gone their own ways and you've got nothing in common with them any more. It all seems an awful rush. Much ado about nothing, that's what it is. It's noisy and stuffy. No, one's better off here. I shan't stir again till they carry me out feet first in my coffin."
The specialist had told Ashenden that if he took care of himself for a reasonable time he would get well, and he looked at McLeod with curiosity.

"17년은 꽤 긴 세월이로군요." 라고 별달리 할 말을 찾지 못한 애쉬든이 말했다.
"시간은 굉장히 빨리 지나간다네. 나는 이 곳이 좋아. 처음에 약 1, 2년이 지났을 즈음 난 여름에 다른 곳으로 떠났었지만 지금은 그러지 않는다네. 여긴 이제 내 집일세. 난 형제 하나와 누이 둘이 있다네. 그렇지만 그들은 결혼을 했고 그들의 가정이 있지. 그들은 날 원하지 않네. 자네도 이 곳에서 몇 년 있다가 일상 생활로 돌아가면 뒤쳐진 듯한 느낌을 받을걸세. 있잖은가, 자네의 동료들은 그들의 길을 나아갔을 테고, 자네는 더 이상 그들과 공유할 만한 것이 없달까. 다들 지독하게 바빠 보이지. 놀랄 것도 없다네, 원래 다 그런 것이니. 세상은 시끄럽고 빡빡하지. 아이구, 여기에 머물러 있는게 훨씬 낫다네. 난 더 이상 신경쓰지 않기로 했다네. 내가 죽어 관에 실려 나갈 때 까지 말이야."
전문의는 애쉬든에게 만일 적당한 시기동안 요양을 한다면 건강을 회복할 수 있을거라고 말했기 때문에, 맥리어드를 의구심 어린 눈으로 바라보았다.

...?! 으옹...번역 뭔가 쫌 이상하다......ㅠㅠ 아웅 책 더 많이 읽어야겠다..
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Scrap/Book2008. 10. 26. 03:07
. . .Chester and his wife went silently side by side. After they had gone a little way he shyly took her hand. Her heart seemed to miss a beat. With a sidelong glance she saw that his eyes were wet with tears.

"Forgive me, dear," he said. "I've been very unkind to you."

"I knew you didn't mean it," she faltered.

"Yes, I did. I wanted you to suffer because I was suffering. But not any more. All this about Templeton and Ivy Bishop—I don't know how to put it, it's made me see everything differently. I don't mind dying any more. I don't think death's very important, not so important as love. And I want you to live and be happy. I don't grudge you anything any more and I don't resent anything. I'm glad now it's me that must die and not you. I wish for you everything that's good in the world. I love you."

올해 초 즈음 A씨가 이 단편 이야기를 했었다. 꼭 한번 읽어보라고. Sylvia Plath로 도저히 주제를 뽑아내지 못하고 끙끙거리다가 그 말이 생각이 나서 학교에서 빌려와서 지금 약 1시간 정도 바삐 읽었는데...인상적이었다.
그리고 좀 먹먹한 기분이로고.

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