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  1. 2008.10.29 On the Contemporary Circus
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New Circus and Cross-over, Bachelor Level
On the Contemporary Circus

The circus performance is defined to three dimensions. The true definition would be rather: a performance simulating of the power, the skill, the energy of the human being, where the actors are surrounded by the spectators from all sides.

—Henry Thétard, “Cp.1 Les Temps Anciens.” La Merveilleuse Histoire du Cirque

According to what Henry Thétard mentioned, the preliminary definition of circus is a performance which shows the marvelous aspects of the human beings. This definition is still valid, however from certain period the shape of circus had changed into the artistic performance from what we ‘traditionally’ had been known.

What I’ve been know as Circus until last year was rather like a parade or fairy tail like performance, which we can still find in the film of Charles Chaplin, “The Circus(1928)” or rather recent one which inserted shortly in the film of Wim Wenders, “Das Himmel Über Berlin(1987).” In other words, the circus performance felt like magic show and usually targeting children rather artistic performance. Moreover, the interesting fact is if you look up the word Circus in dictionaries, you can find the definitions: (BrE) (used in some place names) a round open area in a town where several streets meet; Piccadilly Circus, (in ancient Rome) a place like a big round outdoor theatre for public games, races, etc.

Back to the idea the traditional circus, this thought had shifted after I saw contemporary circus: “Quidam” and “Alegria” by Cirque du Soleil and “Nebbia” by Cirque Éloize which recently had been presented in Korea. It was relatively hard to find materials to see or read, therefore my knowledge of the field is quite narrow, but the followings are the feature which I thought contemporary circus might conveys.

Above all, the stage had been changed; the former circus generally set up their stages on the large open space with the tents known as a big top which they carried with their nomad life, but it seems to be the contemporary circus crews are borrowing the certain space which was already been set. Another denotable difference is that the contemporary circus are trying to convey certain stories or themes, i.e. they have ‘narrative’ perspective with in their performance, and it enables each circus performances to be unique. Compare to the contemporary circus, the traditional circus rather seemed to be similar to each other, though they might varies in some extend. On the other hand, the contemporary ones which have their unique narrative within each performance which varies each crews by crews and each tours by tours. This also could be said that circus is, to somewhat extend, taking the form of theatre. Along with this change, the circus performance became more technical and it generated more specific experts related to the circus performance such as writers (a.k.a auteurs), directors, and technicians and so forth. In the same manner, contemporary circus seems to be much experimental and progressive. It tends to use technologies to create certain effects and sometimes coordinates with other genres such as visual arts. With the support of the developing equipments, they seems to be enjoy venturing, experimenting and collaborating. Ironically, reflect to what Henry Thétard defined what the preliminary circus is, the contemporary circus tends much more concentrating on that definition than the traditional ones.

Eventually, it could be said that circus had obtained its artistic aspects with blending genres, with explicit import of developing technologies and equipment to maximize the limit of human body. Furthermore, the contemporary circus is not totally differentiated from the traditional circus: the contemporary circus seems to be still retains the innate feature of the circus, such as nomad life which now could be said touring around the globe, the magical and dramatic show, and so forth. It had developed and still developing and evolving on the bases of the traditional circus and achieving artistic and aesthetic aspect through the experiments.

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