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. . .Chester and his wife went silently side by side. After they had gone a little way he shyly took her hand. Her heart seemed to miss a beat. With a sidelong glance she saw that his eyes were wet with tears.

"Forgive me, dear," he said. "I've been very unkind to you."

"I knew you didn't mean it," she faltered.

"Yes, I did. I wanted you to suffer because I was suffering. But not any more. All this about Templeton and Ivy Bishop—I don't know how to put it, it's made me see everything differently. I don't mind dying any more. I don't think death's very important, not so important as love. And I want you to live and be happy. I don't grudge you anything any more and I don't resent anything. I'm glad now it's me that must die and not you. I wish for you everything that's good in the world. I love you."

올해 초 즈음 A씨가 이 단편 이야기를 했었다. 꼭 한번 읽어보라고. Sylvia Plath로 도저히 주제를 뽑아내지 못하고 끙끙거리다가 그 말이 생각이 나서 학교에서 빌려와서 지금 약 1시간 정도 바삐 읽었는데...인상적이었다.
그리고 좀 먹먹한 기분이로고.

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