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delusion /dı'lu:ʒ(ə)n,-'lju:-/ noun. LME
  [Late Latin delusio(n-), from delus- pa. ppl stem of deludere: see DELUDE, -ION]
  1 the action of deluding or of being deluded; the state of being deluded. LEM.
  2 A false impression or opinion, esp. as a symptom of mental illness. M 16.

  Illustrative quotation
  1 SIR T. MORE Thinges..done by the deuill for our delusion.
  2 C. GEIKIE The Poor fellow was only labouring under a delusion. R. D. LAING A common paranoid delusion is that there is a plot directed against the self.
    delusion of grandeur an exaggerated estimation of one's own status or personality; megalomania.

Source :: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary Volume 1 A-M

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